Conference FAQ

When is Dr. Lawson available?

Dr. Lawson’s 2019/2020 speaking schedule is now full. To see if Dr. Lawson will be speaking in your area in 2019 or 2020 please click here.

We are now exploring scheduling opportunities for 2020. Please visit our Invitation Form if you are interested in having Dr. Lawson at your event in 2020.

If you want to submit an invitation for Dr. Lawson to speak at an event please fill out the invitation form by clicking here.

For various reasons, open dates on the schedule do not guarantee Dr. Lawson’s availability at those times.

Sometimes Dr. Lawson is asked if a particular date is available before an official invitation is extended. While we are very willing to “pencil in” dates (if asked to do so) while awaiting an official invitation, please understand that we must keep dates open until the time that an official invitation form is received. This means that if someone has spoken to us about a particular date but has not yet extended an official invitation, that date will remain open to an official invitation from others.

What kind of meetings or conferences does Dr. Lawson present?

See the Conference Topics page.