Invitation Form

Dr. Steven Lawson desires that his speaking opportunities—as much as possible—match his gifts, abilities, and philosophy of ministry. The questions in this online form will assist Dr. Lawson and OnePassion Ministries in the process of prayer regarding these matters. Please pray for us as we consider this invitation.

Since Dr. Lawson cannot accept every invitation, the information provided on this form is essential for determining what type of event/preaching you are having. Please note that we will reply only to fully completed forms.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide this information. Eventually all of it will be needed anyway, and it is usually easier to supply it in one sitting. Moreover, it is very helpful on our end to have all this information in one concise format instead of in multiple emails, etc.

Dr. Lawson’s 2024 Calendar is nearly full, and he is committed most Sundays to Trinity Bible Church of Dallas. If you have a request for 2025, please fill out the form below.