The King and His Kingdom

Fairview Baptist Church 3311 Centre St N, Calgary, AB, Canada

Recent years have revealed a weakness in Christians unprepared to defend the lordship of Christ in the world and even in the church! We must remember that Jesus came preaching the gospel of the kingdom. This certainly has personal application but it also has consequential implications for the church and society. In the time of the

The Master’s Academy International Symposium

Grace Baptist Church Santa Clarita, California, United States

What exactly is needed for effective missions work? Which components are necessary? Where are the best books, best programs, or best examples for missions? We believe that God is clear, providing us the perfect, inerrant, and sufficient template for missions. Proverbs tells us that every word of God is tested (30:5), and the Psalms affirm by stating that His commandments make one wiser, giving more insight

Ligonier Regional Conference – Ontario, Canada

Registration for the 2023 Ontario Conference is closed, but you can still sign up to volunteer at this event. In an age of influencers competing for our attention, whose lead will we follow? As Christians, we look ultimately to the teaching of Jesus Christ for direction in pursuing holiness and bearing witness to God’s glory. Yet the