Immovable and Upheld (Psalm 46:5)


Do you find yourself surrounded by threatening pressures? Do you believe there is no way to survive your present difficulties? Are you about to collapse under the fear of the future? If so, the psalmist has an assuring message of hope for you.

In Psalm 46, the author recalls the help he found in the Lord. He writes, “God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns” (verse 5). Could there be a greater promise for your beleaguered soul?

Though the specific historical setting of this psalm is unknown, we know it was a devastating time for the city of Jerusalem. The people of God were surrounded by an oppressive foreign army that threatened their very existence. In the midst of this siege, God Himself was their fortified bulwark of defense. Under the threat of an invasion, He protected them from their enemies and gave them an overwhelming victory. 

This remains our confident hope today. As believers in Jesus Christ, we continue to be surrounded by many pressures in life. Amid these difficulties, we can be prone to emotional collapse and paralyzing panic. But by faith, followers of Christ are divinely preserved, even though they are battered and besieged. Our God, who steadfastly upholds us, is far greater than the forces that threaten us.

“God Is In The Midst of Her”

This verse begins: “God is in the midst of her (verse 5).” Here, God is named Elohim, which means ‘the mighty God.’ In his most difficult hour, the psalmist reaffirms that this all-powerful God is all-present. “Her” refers to Jerusalem, the city of God, where His people reside. As they come under assault, God Himself is within her walls with the full power of His might.

The word “midst” used here is a Hebrew word for the innermost part of something. It is used elsewhere in Scripture to mean the entrails of a sacrificial animal. Here, this word reveals that God was not distantly removed from His people. Rather, He is always near them and close to their side. 

The same is true for every believer today. God is in our “midst”––at the very center of our lives. He indwells us and lives within us. Because God is immovable, we are made to be immovable. As we put our trust in Him, we are anchored in His steadfast love and strengthening grace. 

This inner power is necessary because we are surrounded by many trials and much tribulation. None of us are exempt from mounting troubles. In the midst of these adversities, we are given the strength of heart that only God can provide. We are not like people in the world who have no hope in difficult times, wringing their hands in hopeless despair. In such adverse times, God supplies His all-sustaining grace, bringing to us deep peace and joy. 

“She Will Not Be Moved”

The psalmist adds, “She will not be moved” (verse 5). This is a strong profession of faith. Even though it seems like the world is collapsing around the children of God, they “will not be moved.” Under the threat of this foreign invasion, mountains are quaking and falling. The earth is swaying. The sea is roaring and foaming. But the people of God remain firm and secure. 

The word “moved” means ‘to totter, to be overthrown, to collapse.’ This reveals that though the surrounding scene is in convulsions, the Lord will keep the people of God safe. They are not dismayed, because He is in their midst.

So it is today with those who look to God by faith. As we trust in the Lord, we will not be shaken or moved. We are held firmly in place by His grace. Though the world is collapsing, we are not sinking into dismay. In our trials, we can remain stable and steadfast. 

We often lose sight of this reality. We often find ourselves grumbling and groaning in the midst of our difficulties. In such unsettling moments, we weaken and wilt. But when we look to God, we always find the strength we need to stand strong. With faith in the Lord and His word, we can say, “I will not be moved.”

We need this reassurance. Though our world is swaying under earthshaking circumstances, we are not moved from the will of God. Though the ground trembles beneath us, we remain fixed in the work of God. 

 “God Will Help Her”

The second half of this verse declares, “God will help her.” The word “help” is a Hebrew word that means “to support, to sustain, to uphold.”  That is to say, they are made to be like an unshakable pillar in the temple—sturdy and strong. God gives them the stability they need in their present troubles. 

As the psalmist says, “God will help her,” there is a note of resolute certainty about this profession. He does not say, “God could help them.” Nor does he say that, “He might help them.” Rather, the psalmist declares, God will help them. 

God promises this same support elsewhere, “For I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand, who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you’” (Isaiah 41:13). Here, God pledges to ever uphold His people. Otherwise, they would surely have reason to fear. Again, we read, “Behold, God is my helper” (Psalm 54:4). Simply put, God is the sole sustainer of His people.

The same is true today. God has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the God who “was, who is, and who shall be” (Revelation 4:8). He says, “I am the Lord. I change not” (Malachi 3:6). This same immutable God says, “I will help you.” In this divine promise, His all-sufficient support and strength is guaranteed.

When we are surrounded by troubles, we are the most vulnerable to internally buckle and crumble. But God is with us to sustain us. When we are the most prone to succumb to what rages around us, God remains with us to uphold us. 

“When Morning Dawns”

The psalmist reaffirmed that God will help them “when morning dawns.” Daybreak is the time when the city would be most vulnerable to a surprise attack. In such times, God was immediately present to be their help

Whenever you are the most defenseless, God will remain the guardian of your soul. Whenever your guard is down, He remains alert and ready to come to your aid. 

Maybe you are a believer who has taken your eyes off the Lord. If so, you need to refocus your gaze on Him. You must reestablish your trust in Him. Anchor yourself to the Lord, and you will find the help you need. When you rely upon Him, you will not be dismayed.

However, if you are not a believer, you have no support from the Lord. You are on your own. You are being pushed about by every difficulty that surrounds you. In light of this peril, why would you hesitate to put your trust in the Lord? 

Today, where is your hope? Where is your trust? Where is your faith? It must be in the Lord—and in Him alone. In the midst of difficult times, He is never any closer to us than in the hour when we need Him most.