Expositor Magazine Special Offer


For a limited time purchase a subscription to Expositor Magazine or give as a gift and receive a FREE download to Wretched’s Drive By Theology with Steven Lawson.

Expositor Magazine, the print magazine of OnePassion Ministries and the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Steven J. Lawson, is a publication through which we desire to address the historical, biblical, and theological dynamics and practice of expository preaching. In addition, Expositor serves pastors, preachers, students, teachers, and laymen by examining historical and current issues related to biblical exposition.


In Drive by Theology, you will join Todd Friel and Dr. Steve Lawson as they take you through 35 short lectures on every theology from bibliology to soteriology and every other “-ology” in between.  You will see that the Bible is exactly what it says it is, “profitable for all of life and godliness.”

You will also learn:

    • How to organize the Bible into manageable categories of theology.

    • How different theologies intersect and support one another.

    • How amazing the Bible is!


This special promo of two incredible resources for the price of one, is the perfect gift for any pastor or expositor, providing them with invaluable tools to aid them in their ministry. Makes for a thoughtful and edifying Christmas gift. Subscribe today to take advantage of this special offer!