September Update from Dr. Lawson


The month of September has been the busiest month yet for us at OnePassion Ministries. Though extremely busy, I am thankful to the Lord for this because it indicates many open doors that lay before us.

I began September by flying to Sacramento, California to host The Institute for Expository Preaching at Grace Bible Church in Sacramento. There was a tremendous turnout with over 125 men, mostly pastors, in attendance. The eagerness of the men to learn was noticeable and a great encouragement to me. I also stayed and preached at their men’s conference on Friday night and Saturday morning and afternoon, as well as preaching their Sunday morning service. What an extraordinary opportunity this was.



I then flew to Providence, Rhode Island, where I taught The Institute for Expository Preaching there. Because I held an Institute there last year, this year’s conference focused uniquely upon “Preaching the Psalms.” I have written a book by the same title and a two volume commentary of all the Psalms. This Old Testament book, the largest in the Bible, is of particular interest to me. This Institute was a rich time as I lectured on preaching this remarkable book. I also stayed and preached that following Sunday morning for their adult Sunday school hour and the morning worship service.



Next I flew to Bakersfield, California, where I preached at the Steadfast Conference at Grace Bible Church. The conference focused on the Trinity, and my sermons were entitled “The Trinity in Salvation” and “The Trinity in Sanctification.” I again stayed and did a question and answer session with the pastor for the adult Sunday school hour and preached the Sunday morning service on the new birth from John chapter 3.



I then flew to Anaheim California, where I taught another Institute for Expository Preaching. This was a great time to be with the men who gathered from all over the area and various other states. We had over 100 men in attendance, and again this was a highly profitable time with them. I wish that you could have heard the response of the men to this teaching and interaction.



The next morning I then caught a 6:00am flight to Jacksonville, Florida, where I preached at the Cutting It Straight Conference at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church under the leadership of H. B. Charles Jr. Pastor Charles is one of the great preachers in our country, and it is always a particular privilege to preach with him. I also preached with Maurice Watson, a powerful preacher of the word.


I then flew back to Los Angeles in order to teach five times on Friday and Saturday at the Men Who Rocked the World Conference at Grace Community Church. There were approximately 1,000 people in attendance at this conference, which focused upon the Great Awakening. After I gave an overview of this time of revival in the early Colonies, I spoke twice on Jonathan Edwards and twice on George Whitfield. I also stayed over on Sunday morning and spoke at the college Crossroads Ministry of Grace Community Church. There were almost 1000 people in attendance for this session as I spoke on Romans 11:36.

Also during this month I had two of my books from Reformation Trust, Foundations of Grace and Pillars of Grace reprinted with new covers. You can find them here on Reformation Trust’s website.


As I dictate this letter, I am at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, preparing to fly to Madrid, Spain. There, I will catch a bullet train to Leon, Spain, where I will speak 10 times at several conferences to be held in the city, hosted by TMAI, the missionary outreach of Grace Community Church in LA. I will speak through a translator who is being flown in from Mexico City. I will speak six times on 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16.

I want to thank you for your interest in OnePassion Ministries. I could not do what God has called me today without your prayers and support. I remain deeply grateful for your standing with me during these days of great opportunity. May the Lord bless you greatly.

Blessings in Christ,