May Update Letter from Dr. Lawson

Dear friends:

As I write this monthly newsletter, I am presently in New Zealand, where I am leading The Institute for Expository Preaching, as well as preaching at a Bible conference there. I will be leaving here next week and traveling to Australia to preach at another Bible conference, and then after fly to the Philippines, where I will be leading another Institute for Expository Preaching. This is a twenty four day preaching tour and I ask for your prayers for the Lord to empower me as I minister.
As I look back upon the month of May, there are many specific reasons to give thanks to God for what He has done through our work at OnePassion Ministries. I am persuaded that any fruit that we see is the direct result of your prayers and support that carries forward with this work. Please continue to pray for us. May the Lord great greatly bless you for upholding us. Here are several updates from the month of May:
Men’s Bible Study
The Men’s Bible Study that we have been hosting in Dallas,Texas continues to grow in the expanse of its outreach. I have been teaching through the book of Romans, and there are people all around the world who are following us with great interest. No matter where I travel, people approach me and say they are regular part of this teaching ministry. I am especially grateful for the men who meet with me weekly when I am in town. We sit around a boardroom table and share in this study. These are strong men in the faith, who want a full dose of truth as I teach.


This Bible study is one of the most effective tools in our ministry. You can go on our website here and access the past studies. And future live streams can be viewed on the same website or our Facebook page. Some people watch them for their small group Bible Study or Sunday School class. I pray they can be of help to you as well.
Expositor Magazine
Our latest issue of expositor magazine has recently come out and I believe it is our greatest issue yet. The focus is upon the preaching of the Swiss Reformation, specifically John Calvin. The list of contributors is significant, including Sinclair Ferguson, John MacArthur, Joel Beeke, Sean Wright, and myself. The quality of the publication, I believe, continues to improve with each issue. I’m grateful Dustin Benge who does an excellent job in helping me with this project.

Expositor Podcasts
We continue to post new podcasts on a weekly basis that provide instruction in the art and science of expository preaching. These podcasts have a far-reaching fact into all corners of the globe and is a part of our strategy to see God raise up a new generation of biblical expositors. Upcoming topics this month include, Preparing for the Ministry, Using Illustrations and What Makes for a Good Delivery?

The Master’s Seminary & Reformation Bible College Graduations
It is my privilege to sit on the boards of The Master’s University and Seminary, Ligonier Ministries, and Reformation Bible College. It is a joy to work with these ministries and institutions as they serve the Lord by training a new generation of men and women to carry out His work. I was able to attend the TMS graduation in Los Angeles and see the first two students graduate from the Doctor of Ministry program that I oversee. Seeing those two men walk across the platform and receive their diplomas, as I sat with the faculty, was a special moment. Walking in with John MacArthur and the faculty, and being robed with academic regalia, was thrilling.  I also loved being at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Orlando, FL for the RBC graduation, and hearing R.C. Sproul address the new graduates and attendees.

Wittenberg, Germany
I traveled to Wittenberg, Germany, the home of Martin Luther, where the Reformation began 500 years ago this year. I had the privilege of preaching to some one thousand pastors, laymen and college students on Soli Deo Gloria, which was the crown jewel of the Reformation, meaning for the glory of God alone. I also preached on the passionate preaching of John Knox, who ignited the Scottish Reformation in his homeland. In giving these messages, I was greatly helped by the Lord and believe that He was glorified by the proclamation of His truth. 

At this conference, I met many pastors from that part of the world and was encouraged by how I was able to serve and encourage them. I was especially drawn to a group of pastors who came from Romania and, by God’s grace, I hope to go there one day to hold a conference. I was able to reunite with pastors from the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, and elsewhere, whom I have been able to preach for in the past. There is great strength in numbers when fellow pastors come together for an occasion like this, and we were all built up in our faith.  

2017 English and Scottish Reformation Tour 

Another reminder that we still have room to register for our Reformation Tour so please consider joining me on this as we will travel from England to Scotland. You can find out more information here: and can watch the video below to give you a brief glimpse of this upcoming tour.

As you continue to support this ministry with your prayers and finances, please know that you are participating in a widespread effort to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you for standing with us in these days.

Blessings in Christ,